May 30: American Natural History Museum

We will stay in New York just two more days. Whenever I look at a map or a guide book, I find many points of interest. Today, I am going to visit a shop famous for its delicious pancake then to the American Natural History Museum. Both of them are located north from my apartment. Since the pancake shop was introduced in a Japanese magazine, there were some Japanese tourists in the shop. The Museum was under remodeling and I was at a loss for a moment to find the entrance.
A lot of dinosaurs had once lived in the North American continent. The museum exhibits many kinds of bone and specimen of them. In other halls were many exhibits of the record and data of Indians, the American aborigines, as well. Their textiles and handicrafts are really wonderful in design.
There are many halls of each country and everyday is designated as a "nation's day" to demonstrate unique event of the country. Today was "Japan's day" and they had "Koto" performance. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of it and missed to hear it. It was very pity for me that I could just see the cleaning work. I am impressed to learn, however, that there are many people who introduce the culture of Japan.
Today's special exhibition is "Diamond." They exhibit by panels, models, and actual diamond how it was formed in the depth of the earth, how it was mined, and how it was cut into shape. Many video films were introducing interesting stories of diamond. Some chicken-egg size diamonds were displayed under the strict watching of the security guards. I have realized how strongly diamond moved the heart of human from ancient times.
On my way the apartment, I dropped in a couple of supermarkets to buy food. We enjoyed the dinner at the terrace on the background of the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Toasting in the middle of New York by looking around skyscrapers and green of the Central Park will become one of my best memories in my lifetime.

Haiku: A hazy moon competes the height with skyscrapers

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