May 29: visit an old friend to New Jersey

About seven in the morning, I went out to the Central Park for a walk. Skyscrapers are shining in the morning sun. Sprinklers are watering lawn making beautiful arches of spray. Some are jogging on my pace, New Yorkers are quickly commuting with eating bread, tourists are looking around with maps in their hands....... I can see many kinds of people here.
My husband is dipped and jogging in the green and does radio exercise.
I am sketching not in a deep mountain and dark valley, but on a rock in the Central Park, which was covered with glacier in ancient times. This rock seems, as a TV program suggested, to be a remnant of the glacier.
Just across the Park is a beautiful church like this. Behind the church is our apartment in the building with terraces. Our room is just the middle floor of the building, the scene from our room is great.
After morning walk, we returned to the room and took shower. Then we prepared breakfast in the mini-kitchen and brought dish to the terrace to take them with looking down the Park and up the tall building we saw minutes ago. The menu: orange juice, milk, coffee, bread with Hamas , and salad. Hamas is a kind of spread with an unusual taste made from beans.
From now, we are heading to New Jersey to visit an old friend of our Chicago days some 20 years ago. This is Penn Station's Amtrak concourse. The sign shows departure time and platform number of the train. There are three tickets per person, one for boarding confirmation, one for conductor's copy, and the last one is....what for?
Mr. Howard Shie, kindly came up to a small station named Convent. He has changed little, just his once gray hair has been turned to white after 20 years. I could identify him at the first glance. He lives in a luxurious house with his wife.
His wife hasn't changed at all. We talked much as if we were time slipped to 20 years ago. They grilled big fillet of beef in the wonderful terrace. Oh, yes, this is the first time for us to enjoy steak.
The Howerds now live comfort by gardening, social dancing, playing chess with friends. At the corner of the spacious garden, leek was growing healthy to be used for Chinese cooking. On the side was beautiful peony in full bloom.
After the lunch, we made a small drive nearby. This is Jockey Hollow Encampment Memorial Park. Morristown is the story of an army struggling to survive. During two critical winters, the town sheltered the main encampment of the Continental Army led by George Washington. I felt it was really hard time for the army of one thousand soldiers to survive harsh winter. I was really impressed by the site surrounded with simple log fence. We enjoyed a dinner at a luxurious Chinese restaurant named Hunan Cottage some 30 minutes away from their home. We talked much and promised to see again.

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