May 24 morning; start of Manhattan life
First, greetings to Statue of Liberty!

We again stayed Mr. Tsukamoto's home last night. He is off on business trip. We took a snap with his wife Kaoru before the breakfast. We have had just a short time to talk much that might have delayed my departure. Dear Mrs. Tsukamoto, you are welcome to join COARA!

We drove up to west upper Manhattan to look out an apartment in which will we stay for a week from today. See the Empire State Building in the center, taken from our car approaching to downtown? We brought in big trunks into the apartment room before we were heading to JFK for rent-a-ca return.
After dropping off the car at Hertz's pool, we got back to an airport terminal by a free bus. This is one of the big motor pools in the airport, parking rate is $6 a day. If one lose the parking lot number, he or she will be at a loss. We again got another free shuttle bus to a subway station.
We got Metro card at $15 for 11 times ride. I passed through the left side gate using the card to get to the platform. Only $1.5 sent me in 30 minutes to Penn Station, the center of middle town Manhattan. The card has been very useful during my stay in the city.
A street shot, just coming up from Penn station. The Empire State building on the back and One Penn Plaza in which Mr. Tsukamoto's office is located. A red mark on my head is the symbol mark of the building. Although Mr. Tsukamoto is abroad on business trip, I sent him an E-mail, saying I reported to Ms. Consuelo and Ms. Tomoko that we could drive around without trouble.
An exploration to the south tip of NYC using Metrocard. Statue of Liberty stands afar franked with Ellis island. A long line to buy ferry ticket to the point. It is one of the most popular points of view, they say. We gave up to join and said hello to the Statue from here.
Looking around Battery park. A pleasant performance like this. My husband felt nostalgia to the play of Brazilian musical instrument and tossed coins. The artist was also very happy and snapped in smile.
People enjoy sun bathing here and there on the lawn. A lady suddenly shouted "No!" to a young man who tried to leave his ice cream garbage behind him. The young man got back and cleaned his garbage , the lady said again "Thank you" in a loud voice. In this way, the park is kept clean.
Twin tower of World Trade Center. We have been very tired. We got on a bus to up to 81st street and crossed Central Park. Finally we got back home in worn out.

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