May 21-May 22: from Hudson valley to Boston

May 21, morning

Since Tanglewood was very impressive yesterday, we revisited the place this morning. This is the performance site. People may enjoy music on the open lawn as well.
A red brick-made hall. This is Seiji Ozawa Hall, donated by Norio Ohga of Sonny corporation. The interior is of Japanese style with unique plain wood design. Maintenance people were busy in preparation with coming summer festival. I hope to join the festival some day.
Next stop was a farm called Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Until recently, a group of Shaker were living there. We came across a group of kindergarten.
On the back is the Round Stone Dairy Barn built in 1862. There were many ideas to make working easy in the building. The Shaker Community was home to members of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appealing for 170 years, from 1790 to 1960. There is a herb garden, but the climate has been too cool to grow the plants large enough.

We drove I-90 east all the way to Boston, crossing the full width of Massatusetts state. After fixing the hotel, we drove down to downtown Boston for pre-checking.
May 22,morning

We explored downtown Boston. A lot of winding complex narrow streets, avenues, one-ways, and under construction roads made us lose our way. This is Boston's central wharf, on the back is old downtown. We tried to go back hotel, but we were brought to a wrong way to the airport. We will never visit Boston again by a car.
After a long painstaking route finding, we finally found our hotel. After check-out we again ventured driving down to Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. We took lunch at the Fraser Garden Court. The sun shine was so strong that we once escaped into the shade of the tree, but it was too crispy and cool to take the lunch.

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