May 19: Hudson Valley Drive

May 19, morning.

Hudson river with the background of downtown New York. Both banks of Hudson river are covered with thick forest of fresh green sparsely dotted with big white houses. It is now early summer...I see white trees ahead, oh, no, they are full bloom of locust trees. The parkway is really beautiful. A parkway means a road on which truks are prohibited.
May 19, noon.

We visited West Point, US Military Academy. This is a school building. About 4,000 students are learning in the Academy. Hudson river runs under the Academy, really beautiful place.
In the evening, we visited CIA, or Culinary Institute of America. The most famous school to train the first-class chef in the US. We enjoyed a dinner served with cooks in the making. Through the glass window, we can see a chef wearing many decorations on the chest teaches students how to prepare cake or sauce.
I went there with dress up myself. There are four restaurants: The Escoffie Room(France), the Caterina d'Medici(Italy), the American Bounty(USA), and St. Andrew's Cafe(cafe.) We entered the Escoffie Room. All cooks in the making were eager and charming, I love them. We enjoyed duck terrene and lamb assorted with bean sauce.

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