May 15: Now departure.

May 15: Now starting from my home in Oita. I have sent two big trunks to Narita by delivery service, but I still have such baggages. The air tickets have arrived on time, just 20 minutes of our departure. It made me very frustrating.
From Oita to Tokyo. We stayed one night in our son's new home. On May 16, we headed to Narita international air port.
Narita air port.
We checked in at American Airlines counter. Big trunks went through the safty check without trouble. Now, departure through the long line.
We are entering to the same day's morning, a strange experience. Arrived at Seattle at 10:30 a.m. We passed the imigration procedure. As my husband declared as "jobless", he was checked in detail. The officer was also 60 years old and asked him "I am still working here. Why you can already enjoy a happy retirement?" He winked and passed him.
Anyway, we enterd the USA. Snow covered distant mountains and Alaskan Air lines planes taught me that I was in a northern country. We got another flight around noon to New York.

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