December 30: The year-end party of COARA is in full swing.
by Mie
Mr. Hara take video every shot of the party to transmit the image to a large display on the front stage.
After a while, "One person one message" hour comes. All attendants make a short speech. I could hardly remember the names of the speaker. Let me inform your name afterward.
Miss Lie and her father. She is the top star of Internet Life magazine published by COARA. She is now under the preparation for the high school entrance exam, and has no time to revise her home page. We hope she can be successful in the exam.
Ms. Shimako Matsumoto got lucky giveaways after this.

Three beauties of Oita COARA office: from the left, Miss Kusamoto, Miss Korenaga who dressed up elegantly with spangles tonight, and Mrs. Fujii in a snow-white dress. I hope they will make COARA office more pleasant from now on.

Mr. Abe makes an unusual home page titled "A beauty on the street." Miss. Tokashiki (right) was a model of the page.

The special lottery you've all been waiting for is now ready! Give me just a few seconds.

How to hoist this "Lottery machine?" It required many ideas to fix the board on the horizontal bar. The state-of-the-art "Machine" needs hand adjustment, making a COARA-like scene.
Each attendant takes his or her nametag off from the chest and attaches it on the number line on the Machine. Everybody expects to get a wonderful giveaway.
A piece of cover paper is peeled to reveal the secret of the Machine. Yes, it's just an Amitabha-type lottery. A number on the board is identified with the name on the nametag. A series of number is attached on the giveways as well. Miss Korenaga hands over the giveaways to the drawers.
A beret with full of French fragrance went to Miss Lie. When we were preparing the giveaways, we talked that the beret is suitable for her. It is really mysterious that she got it.
Ms. Shimako Matsumoto got an umbrella of Ruffles Hotel in Singapore. The umbrella was the most popular giveaways of the night. All envious eyes were turned on her.
After the lottery by the Machine, there were still many giveaways left on the table. All the nametags were put into a lottery box and drawn by Mr. Ono. The special printing device, presented from Mr. Kuboki, went to, what is surprising, Ms. Matsumoto again! She is so lucky at the end of the year. I wish I were as lucky as she was.
At the end, all the attendants lined up for a photo opportunity. After the party, some attendants roared out to another party at Cony Island. COARA support members cleaned up the site. Thank you very much. Tomorrow night, we will have a special Internet broadcasting titled "See off an old year and welcome a New Year."

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