December 30: COARA year-end party was held at Oasis Tower 21.
by Mie
December 30, 1:30 p.m. Some of the CSM (COARA Supporting Meeting) members gather at COARA office for the preparation of COARA year-end party this evening. All items were already prepared on 27th evening. We will bring them to the site.
We have a beautiful day here in Oita. The winter sunlight reflects brilliantly on the front glass of Oasis 21 building in which the party will be held.

A year-end party of COARA is to be held at a new place, which was opened in the year. Oasis Tower 21 is this year's site, of course. The staff has been discussing about the party with the staff of Daiichi hotel in the Tower several times. Now, we set up every thing required for the party. This time special is an Amitabha lots with many giveaways. Staffs of COARA and the hotel are busy for setup the site.
COARA staff: From the right, Hara (video), Inoue (control table), Mori (producer), Ken, Yuuki (lightning), and Oshima (sound.)

Views from the site on the 21st floor of the Tower. Left: Beppu Bay is on the right of Mt. Takasaki (left, famous for its monkey center), in the far front is Beppu spa. Right: downtown Oita, hovercraft terminal, industrial zone, and Saganoseki peninsula. I lost myself by watching this grand vista and felt Oita was a nice town to live in.

I helped arrange many giveaways from France, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, spa hotels in Beppu City, and from National Cultural Festival held in October.
Then I went back to COARA office. Some male staff still working on the preparation of mechanical items.
We have dressed up ourselves like this.
The reception opened at 5:30 p.m.

The reception table was opened. Many guest flocks by twos and threes, with friends, or in families. The party will become at-home like and pleasant. Mr. Ono, general secretariat of COARA, who appeared in Jeans in the preparation, now shows up in a suit and necktie. On the right is a member of Suyama family.
A beautiful sunset behind Mt. Kujyu. The party is now ready to go.
Mr. Harushige Mori, the producer and music director, designed a wonderful background sound effect, but it doesn't work well. Mr. Murakami from Beppu City works as an emcee. He fluently announced the opening of COARA year-end party.
First, a brief history of COARA was introduced, followed by the release of "Ten Big News of the year." Included are: ID number of COARA reached 12,000, many technical services like "roaming service" enriched COARA, Troika system was started in Tenjin branch, Miss Kusamoto became a member of Oita staff, made inroads into foreign countries, a trial of Multimedia Cafe COARA with the cooperation of OBS radio station, and got an award from the Information Society of Japan. We have had so many things this year.
General secretariat Tooru Ono makes a speech. He appreciated the activities of CSM who took a leadership of COARA events like this year-end party. He also expected a wider expansion of communication through the Internet. The technical staff in charge of video frequently sent him signals to make his speech shorter.

Mr. Abe, former staff of Hyper Network Society Research, came all the way down to Oita from Tokyo to propose a toast for the party. He also toasted his fortune next year. Prosit!
Lovely attendants like this.