December 3, 1998: Look out for fire! by Mie

Something is making noise outside. Oh, I see a large fire engine approaching to my house! But I don't see any fires. I stopped making cakes and dashed out. Yes, the next door kindergarten asked the fire department to demonstrate the engine to the pupils.
On the play ground just in front of my back yard gathered many pupils and teachers. Soon fire fighters sprayed water for a demonstration. Water comes out of a nozzle powerfully and the splash swirls around on the wind. Pupils and teachers cheerfully screamed and run away from the splash. A ginkgo tree with beautiful golden color leaves is quietly looking down the pleasant scene.
"When we work on fire, we splash water like this to extinguish fire. We wear a fireproof coat like this. Is there anybody who want to wear this?" Pupils shout vividly "It's me, me, me!"
A kid wears the coat under the help of an officer. "Wow, it's very heavy!"

Next turn is for a first grade kid who hardly stand in the heavy coat. "How do you feel?" No answer comes out of his mouth. When a fire breaks out, big fire engines dash to the site and firefighters wear such heavy coats to fight against the fire splashing water strongly. We thank you very much indeed. Look out for fire!

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