February 2, 1998FMy son's wedding ceremony at Hotel Okura
February 14

We visited the new home.
We became witnesses of the legal application of the marriage.
legal application
February 15

An unexpected snowfall surprised us in the morning.
A memorial picture just before the wedding.
We are really happy to see our son in tuxedo.
The family
At 5:30 in the evening, at the Atlantic room of Hotel Okura,
the ceremony started under the opening speech of
my younger brother. Many friends, bosses of the office,
and the relatives are warmly watching the bride and groom.
an opening speech
exchange of the wedding rings
the young couple
distributing home-made cookies

The couple is distributing home-made cookies by
the groom's mother,
saying "thank you very much for your cerebration."
cutting the cake
cutting the cake
We were suddenly called up to the stage.
Both parents were given bouquets and my husband made
a speech.

In the end, my son made a declaration to create
a happy home under the cooperation of his new wife.
This was the happiest moment for us to hear of it indeed.
by Mie
the parents