February 7 "How to make Russian Cookies."

by Mie

To make Russian Cookie with cocoa flavor:
Wheat flour 280 grams, cocoa 20 grams, baking powder 1tbsp
(for vanilla flavor, wheat flour 300 grams, baking powder
1 tbsp.) are to be sieved well.
Walnut(100 grams) is to be prepared as well.
The walnut is to be ground by a food processor in advance.
Butter 225 grams and powder sugar 70 grams are kneaded well.
Ground walnut and wheat flour are mixed in it.
In case of vanilla flavor, add a couple of drops
of vanilla essence and then the flour.
Knead all the ingredient thoroughly to make the paste.
Don't leave any trace of the flour.
The paste is put into a vinyl bag and then flattened.
Lay it in a refrigerator at least 30 minutes.
On the right is vanilla flavor and on the left is
cocoa flavor cookies respectively.
On the upper left is the paste taken out of the
refrigerator. It is cut into 8 by 10 pieces.
All the pieces are rounded and arranged on a flat baking pan.
Starting from the morning, 8 units of the cookie were
baked up in the evening. Sweet aroma drifts all through the house.