On July 22nd, the 24th Yufuin Music Festival opens.

At last, the 24th Yufuin Music Festival opens tomorrow. The artists are arriving one by one in the town of Yufuin. Some of them have already started rehearsal at "Mountain View Tanaka" hotel.
The first meeting of artists and staff was held at the hotel at 8 p.m. Wednesday. This is Mr. Michio Kobayashi, a prominent harpsichordist. Many fans are anticipating his performance. He always fascinates the people around him with his pleasant conversation and his sincere smile.
Volunteer staffs. They come not only from the Festival's home town, but also from such distant places as Tokyo, Miyazaki, Toyama, Fukuoka, and Oita. Those who are joining the Festival for the first time appear somewhat nervous.
Dr. James Dunning from Irvine, California, has joined for the first time as a volunteer member of the staff. He saw my home page's music site for the first time three years ago and have been exchanging E-mails since then. I have visited his home this June and had a very pleasant week. He is working enthusiastically as a staff in Yufuin, though he seems quite confused at times because of the language barrier.

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