After a long time, I visited the rice paddies. TV says the crop estimate of rice in Kyushu area will be a little bid better than average.

October 1stiWed.jclear

The rice paddies were shining in golden color. The tips of ears are in beautiful color with rich grains.

Here in Oita three typhoons hit this summer but the crops will be good free from any damages of them.
The large group of enemies in those days is sparrow. I have found such a kind of "sparrow frightener" like this.

I occasionally hear the sound of "Bang!" It seems that such frighteners make large sound.
I will soon be seeing a harvest after all.

Today's extra
On the way down to the paddies, the air was filled with sweet fragrance.
Yes, it's fragrant orange-colored olive.

and then?
Those trees should be, I remember, Ume trees but why I can see out-of-season blooming?

And the shells of "adzuki" bean, which was planted in the fallow field, were downed.
They will be cropped after getting large. Mie

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