August 31st (Sun.) clear
Today is the last day of August. Tomorrow is the 210th day. People say they have a typhoon on this specific day, but fortunately we will not have it this year.

I went down to the rice paddies and saw rice flowers blooming all over them. We can tell the blooming paddies from still green ones, even if we look at them from afar.

You can see a yellowish blooming paddy beyond the scene.

I closely watched the paddy and found that a breeze makes the rice flowers
contact each other to ripen.。

Today's extra.
I have many extras.
The flowering ears of sesamewere removed in order to grow the shell.

There was a puddle in the fallow paddy.
More than 15white heronscame flying and playing on it.
(background: Mt.Yufu on the left; Mt.Tsurumi on the right)

Flower of Japanese arrowroot.

Still greenpersimmon fruit and green chestnut burs.

September 、starts from tomorrow, the harvest season is steadily approaching while we complain of the hot days. 、、、、、Mie

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