August 22nd (Fri.) clear, occasionally cloudy

I went again down to the rice paddies. I couldn't pass
through the paddy as usual because I found a farmer....

I wonder what he is doing. There is a monocycle on the ridge,
and he looks like scattering something onto the paddy.

"Hello! What are you scattering?"
"Hi! It is a fertilizer."

The mixed fertilizer of red or yellow particles is
scatteredover the paddy from end to end. Growing rice
is still a hard labor consuming work after all, indeed.

"Oh, I can see the flower of the rice plant, you see."
"Sure, it was bloomed by the heat during couple of those days."
The number of the flower is sparse, though. Can you can see it?

Today's extra. "Sesame flower" as you saw yesterday.

From top: green buds, white flowers, and shells including sesame seeds.
I will make sure of what the sesame will grow from now.


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