The weather forecast says today's temperature will go up to 32 degrees Celsius, but the air tells me coming autumn.

21st August (Thu.) clear

A couple of days ago, I went to Yufuin.
I saw some rice paddies already with ears.
Oh yes, I haven't seen the rice paddies close to
my house. Today, I went down to the paddies under
a continuous chorus of cicadas to see their states.

The rice plant was growing healthy while I was
suffering from the summer heat. I wonder what
the farmwork is going on now.....

The plant steadily grows to the height of about 80 centimeters.
But I don't see any ear of the plant in the paddies near my house.
I guess the kind of the rice plant is probably different from
that of Yufuin to which winter comes earlier than here.

Weeds are elaborately removed from the ridges of the rice paddies.
The paddies are continuously irrigated through the ditches, small
water grasses are floating on the water, or tiny green frogs are
happily leaping, mud snails are creeping under the water....

In the front, you see Mt.Takasaki, famous for its monkey garden.

Today's extra

In a fallow paddy, I saw sesame plants(I am not sure, though.)

There are many small ovaries filled with white egg cells of sesame.

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