July 20, 2004: Yufuin Festivals started
In the art hall of Yufuin railroad station, the joint meeting of YMF (Yufuin Music Festival) and YFF (Yufuin Film Festival) was launched in the dusk.
Many people concerned attended the meeting.
The meeting started at seven.
So many words find no end.

The long-awaited party started at last.
The tables are makeshift materials.
Young cookers work hard to serve original foods.
Yufuin winery serves new bottles.
Mr. Kentarou Nakaya, one of the prominent leader of Yufuin, talked about his recent trip to Europe.
We exchanged pleasant chatting like this.
Good staffs hope to meet many guests this time as usual.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, the chairman of executive committee, and his wife.

Each YMF staff makes a few words on this time festival.
We will cerebrate the 30th anniversary this time. Mr. Kato in the center and Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi on the right.
YFF staffs talk about their hope as well. Mr. Nakaya is the head of YFF.

YMF tells the start of the summer in the small valley and YFF closes it in the end. We hope we can see many guests as usual.
WE cleaned up the hall. The pleasant meeting was over in success.
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Report by Naganos