I frequently often hear people say those days that the rice paddy here and there were already watered. I was so anxious about the nearby paddy that I went down in the evening to see the state.


The paddy was already irrigated as anticipated.


It is funny to find a waste cooking pan to protect the soil from being dug by the falling water. The nearby paddies were also watered from the narrow trenches. The familiar farmer told me he would plant the seedling next week. I asked him if I could publish this report to the Internet and the farmer was very interested and said please visit the paddy frequently. He complained about his son who canft tell rice from wheat.


The surface of the irrigated paddy was raked by a farm tractor. In old days people used such kind of the rakes shown above. Today it is still used to rake the narrow paddy corner that a tractor canft access.

@The seedlings were carried away for plantation.


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