The 23rd Yufuin Music Festival was held 24th - 27th July.

You can see some pictures of the festival.

23rd July(Wed.) clear
We will stay in Yufuin for six days from today. We assembled all daily necessities such as underwear, a coffee maker, and even an electric fan. We put them into the cars and headed to Yufuin.
My husband will be assigned to a driver of the artists and I will work as a hall manager.

The flags of the festival were on the both side poles of the street.

Mt. Yufu elegantly welcomes us.

In the evening, we had an informal meeting with the artists who came all the wat to this small town.

24th July(Thu.) cloudy

Now, the eve begins. The performance place is central community hall of the town. Receptionist table and a coffee service corner "Fermata" boost the atmosphere of the festival. The master of the corner? It's me!

Red posters and green one, as well as a dark green flag are very beautiful on the screen.

On the stage, a rehearsal has already begun for the eve's "family lecture concert."
Michio Kobayashi(piano), music director Fumiaki Kono(cello),Kyoko Shikata(violine)
Iwahisa Kuroki(contrabass), and Hiroko Ando(viola.) All artists wear commemorative T-shirts.

Taking pictures was not allowed in the hall but after the performance, we enjoyed a welcome party with artists, towns people, and audiences. On the left are artists, on the right are the staffs. In the center is Mr. Kunpei Mizoguchi, the representative of the festival, in white suit. On the left of him husband.

25th July(Fri.) typhoon No.9
A matinee concert of Medieval Music Research Association was held at the lobby of Kowa park hotel.

The atmosphere of the concert was excellent. Ms. Takei, professor of Miyazaki university, made a pleasant lecture. She also conducted the chorus of impressive Gregorian sacred songs which is my favorite.
This time, one of my friend joined the chorus: Mr.Koji Yamaguchi, or nicknamed Mr. Happy, appears on the right end of the group.

This time special guest is Mr. Kazuyoshi Mera, a famous counter tenor singer. His theme song in "Evil spirit princess" is now very popular. I was fascinated by his beautiful voice.
All staffs were running around by typhoon forecast information, but the cembalo concert of Michio Kobayashi was finally over without any trouble. This picture was taken on the rehearsal during daytime. Cembalo by Kobayashi and guitar by Iwanaga

The hall of golf house in Yufu highland is surrounded by the chirping of birds and evening cicadas. The typhoon was over and a beautiful rainbow appeared. We were all delighted.

26th July(Sat.) typhoon No.9
Again in the community hall. An up-and-coming Lotus quartet played fine music. I was totally fascinated by their unusual performance.

Pitch black dress was beautiful. Now to the stage.

In the evening we had mezzo soprano of Chieko Teratani. Unfortunately, no pictures. Matured female voice was excellent indeed.

27th July(Sun.) cloudy, clear
The final day came before I knew. Two programs with a tea intermission. We were very busy for the preparation of the tea service but we could listen to the music anyway. I served about 150 cups of coffee. The tea party was prepared under the cooperation of Yufuin towns people. I believe the guests fully enjoyed the local taste of the town. I had no time to take pictures.

After the final performance, Mr. Kuroki of contrabass and Ms. Takei came to the lobby and exchanged with us. His smile and talk were very impressive.

In the evening we had a garden party. Under the clear cool sky, we enjoyed the party.

Again after the party, we had "a second party" at the hotel with the artists. Many ideas came out for the next festival.

28th July(Mon.) cloudy
We cleaned up the cottage we stayed for past several days. We went to a tea room Gallery. We said good-bye and see you again
to the artists and left Yufuin. In the endc.Ken and Mie.