June 11th (lightly cloudy)

In the afternoon, I met a farmer working in the rice paddy. I saidgGood afternoon, itfs very hot.h The farmer smiled back and came up from the paddy to take a break chatting with me. He said he was going to plant the rice next week or so. gThe surface of the paddy is slightly declined, I have to make it horizontal before I scatter the fertilizerh, he explained me.


A small farm tractor brought the fertilizer into the paddy. The farmer skillfully scatters the fertilizer taking out from a blue box hung down from the neck. After this work he will draw water into the paddy, he says.

Topics: I was moved to find small mud snails in the soil!
The farmer laughed and said the snail is called gjumbo mud snailh which was first imported for edible use but it was left uncontrolled to propagate. Today it is regarded as a harmful creature that gnaws and cuts the root of rice plant, the farmer laments.


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