A New Year has come. I wish all of us will go well this year as usual.
The first day of the New Year opened in calm cloudy and we couldn't see the first sun rise.

I dear say that I prepared the special dishes to celebrate the new morning. I was somewhat uneasy in the late December because my husband had been hospitalized for five days until December 29.
Now, we could welcome the New Year in home. After the breakfast, we visited Hayashi Shrine nearby on foot. This is our usual ceremony.    
The Tohoku region Disaster last year taught me the importance of the usual life.

The Roubai apricot smiled at us on the path to the shrine. 
Hayashi shrine is at hand from home. When my son was an elementary school boy, he learned Japanese fencing here.
At that time the shrine looked very old and devastated, but it was partially rebuilt and became beautiful.
The people under the protection of the local deity make a bonfire.
Many lanterns will make a fantastic scene in the night.
On this main stage, my son learned the fencing. The floor is now beautifully polished.
I prayed for the well-being of my family and dedicated our deep concern to the victims and sufferers of the Touhoku calamity and wished the quick reconstruction of the area.
Then I consult an oracle. The written fortune said that I would have the best of luck. I was delighted.
We warmed up ourselves by the bonfire. The shower of falling sparks will bring us the health shutting off the colds.
I wish the New Year will be a good year for all.