September 7,2011 The last lodging
The supermarket at the corner of the hotel complex sells many items. The shop isn't so large but they sell all the daily necessities. I bought some pleasant goods for souvenir and presents to the friends.
Sorry,Mr.Klaus,we were a little bit late in the breakfast.
The breakfast is of a buffet-style. We could take any food from the counter that may turn into dinnng table in the dinner. 
I found an ad of tasty Kahl beer on the wall. I would have come here and enjoy the dinner, but actually, I was too tired to do so last night.
After the breakfast, we cleaned up the room and loaded our luggage on the car. Now, let's go. The lodge looks bleak but it was spacious enough for three people accommodation.  
Now, we have another day journey at last. Today, we drive toINARI. Thanks to Mr.Klaus's great driving, I have been able to enjoy vastness of the Polar countries.
In INARI is an excellent museum that displays the traditional life of Lapland culture. 
LAPLAND's musical stage was displayed as well. The costumes are beautifully displayed.
Laplanders are basically hunting people in the Northern Europe. The territory spread beyond the today's political borders.They have their own Congress.
Outside of the museum were many life-size displays that tell the traditional life of the Lapland residents.
Mr.Klaus@explained about the museum in detail. We then take lunch after a short drive. We entered a restaurant named KULTAHIPPU in IVALO. The restaurant is famous for its service to, surprisingly, to the Emperor of Japan
Along the small garden stream of the restaurant was a monument of placer mining in old days.
The buffet-type lunch offered many kinds of vegetables. I was delighted and enjoyed pea salad, sweet melon, and others.   As the local guests piled up big dessert on the dish, I followed their way, but soon regretted. I was embarrassed by its strong sweetness.
The beautiful lakes like this appear one after another.
The beauty of the scenery finds no end.
The coniferous forest tells at me "You are driving the Polar land."
The last lodging  was Napakettu holiday village in Karigasniemi. The sky is still bright and the time was six in the evening. Just after turning the entrance corner was the reception house.
Just beside the house was our last cabin having brown wall with white frame. The chimny gives an accent to the cabin.
Kids were playing on the spacious green. The lake looked good for boating.
I took a short break after putting our belongings into the cabin. I wore a cap I bought in the shop in the morning.
Wow! Good fireplace, I shouted unexpectedly.
Logs are ready for use. Mr.Klaus,an old boy scout, quickly peeled off the skin of the white birch and ignited it. The warm fire soon grew large. Suddenly the smoke alarm detector on the ceiling rang noisily and he soon took out the dry cell from it.
The flickering flame makes people happy, warm, and rich.
Being warmed up by the fireplace, we prepared the dinner. Mr.Klaus made up his wonderful tea and I cooked the rice and served it. On the back of the room is a bunk bed.
We sliced the smoked pork sausage we bought in Mr.Klausfs friend shop yesterday.
It unexpectedly matched with the just-cooked rice.
Males cleaned up the table and kitchen. The kitchen was a little bit narrower but all the equipment such as oven,microwave,refrigerator,and coffee maker are ready for use.
After the dinner, the sky was still bright and I walked around the cabin. I found a huge cage that breeds many polar dogs. In winter time, people can enjoy dog sledging.
Mirror surface-like lake reflects the forest upside down. Canoeing may be available as well.
A large barbecue oven makes me image a pleasant party in many people. The last cabin night quietly darkened. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the Polar Light.
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Today's mileage:542 km(Total 3727Km)  Picture by:K.P.Nickel Ken & Mie