September 4,2011 Tromso
Now, we will head to the final destination Tromso of Lapland.
The car thermometer tells us the outer temperature as 9.5 C at 7:40 a.m.  Mr.Klaus will take the stearing today as well. Thank you very much.
As we drove up, the landscape turned to a desolated plain.  
The trees became slimmer and small. Mr.Klaus taught us that the low trees are Coniferous wood and middle sized trees are pine.
At 9:20, we dropped in a large shopping mall to buy the foods. But I was rather interested in Nothern European tableware and kitchen ware. I found an interesting item, a product of Tafal. I understood that this is a Scandinavian version of cooking pan lagging that our Group of Friend is appealing for wider use.
The active circulation of Euro bloc provides the local supermarket's shelves with such colorful fruits and vegetables.
Although the size of them are a little bit smaller,the brilliant color of apple,pea,tomato, and paprika push me to impulse buying.
A huge house stands alone on the vast green land. Where is the next door?  It is far away beyond the sight reach. I wonder whether the residents feel lonely or not.
After a while, we passed Kirna city. Mr.Klaus said the city area is the world largest. Many human-smell housing made me relieved a little because I haven't seen villages today yet. Lapland is large and empty.
 Kiruna is famouse for its mineral mine. The excavated ore is transported to the Nowegian shore by the exclusive cargo line. Long long open freight car finds no end.
The wilderness of Lapland spreads without any obstacles down to a Lapland lake.
We dropped in a village. This is the bus stop. The post boxes await for the delivery. The residents stop the car on their way back home and pick up the postal matter.
The lonely road along the huge Lapland lake gives no scenery change for many hours. Far beyoud the horizen lies a mountain range with the residual snow caps on the peaks.
This is the last Swedish restaurant 50 Km south of the Nowegian boder.
Mr.Klaus warned me that the prices in Norway is extremely high because Norway doesn't join Eoro economy. The car looked thirsty and we filled it up here.
We also filled up ourselves with smorgasbord corse paying 95 Swedish krone. Yes, this is genuin smorgasbord, or 'butter goose table' !
I prepared my own feast on the green tray. Largeslices of roast beef, vegetables, white bread, dessert and coffe made me really happy.  
The next corner of the restaurant was a souvenior corner. Every goods of Scandinavian design lured me strongly. I at last gave up and bought a pair of winter room boots.

Fully filled up car and people who was happy with good souvenior now head to the Norwagian boader. 
Beyond Torne Trask Lake (Norway Lake) is a mountain range under the dark sky with the permanent snow caps on it. Winter is coming soon.
 Norway boader was so simple. Nothing but a small traffic sign tells the border, but most foreigners like me may overlook it. Mr.Klaus taught me that the yellow poles on both side of the road tell the road edge in case of deep snow. He also pointed out that we can know our entrance to Norway by the center line color which changed to yellow from white in Sweden territory.
 Close to the Norwegian border pass was a Lapish souvenior shop.
Many Lapish souveniors were displaye in the tent. Even American Indians handicrafts were strangely arranged as well.
The increasing snow scenery let my camera work busy.
Norway welcomed us with its beautiful rocky mountaneous scenery. Despite its high latitude. the climate is mild thanks to the North Atlantic Current. The green increased its density again and the car outer tempereture rose up to 13 C deg.
The winding road along the filord led us to the destination of this long journey, Tromso. Today's camping site is kittenelv Camping 22 Km to the north of central Tromso.
We confirmed the camping site and booked a cabin. It's already eight in the evening and the teperature was 14 C degree. Mr.Klaus sighed it was still warmer than usual, might be due to Global Warming. Petunia blooms more beuatifully than my home.
We brought in the luggage and soon prepaered the dinner together. I soon cooked the rice. This time feast is the fresh coocked rice with a seasoned powder for sprinkling over it. Corn soup,sliced marinated salmon,vegetables,olieve, and Mr.Klaus's good tea using a too large pan were served as well. My husband's favorite "Kohlensaure Wasser" was included as well.
The night was a little bit sticky and we had a scattering rain. I gave up to watch the Polar Light before sleep. But when I wake up in the midnight and walked out, I suddenly witnessed it unexpectedly. The Light crossed the whole sky from south to north. I was really moved.
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Today's mileage:640 km(Total 2643Km)  picture by K.P.Nickel Ken & Mie