September2,2011 The first polar light in Sweden
We shared the preparation for the breakfast. Mr.Klaus dripped his original tea skilfully. My husband set up the table by arranging bread on the dish. I prepared vegetables and other foods.
German black bread, Swedish whole bread, white bread,cucumber pickles,smoked ham,tea,and yogurt were the menu of the breakfast.
We took pictures on the terrace. The beautiful autumn color wakened our eyes. The temperature was 5 C. We enjoyedthe beautiful morning. "Getting up early gives you three coins" is a Japanese proverb. "The early bird catches the worm", Mr.Klaus introduced a German proverb as well. It is funny that we both have the similar proverb both in the East and the West.
Aftere the cleaning up, we put our laggage and left this good cabin. Just after we started, we witnessed a snowplow passing by.The winter is coming soon
Beautiful Christmas-like trees have become slim. The vegetation is changing totaiga, Mr.Klaus toughtus. 
 We came up to a relatively large town. Huge bear monuments are here and there. We filled up the car and shopped in a supermarket to fuel ourselves in the dinner.
The fish corner displays cod,salmon,Atka mackerel and crabs.
This is the milk corner on the left and juice shelves on the right. Many kids of juice such as vegetables,fruit, and mixed are neatly arranged.
What should we buy? What is this? Mr.Klaus asked the seller in Swedish.
We found a simple chruch. Mr.Klaus Picked up a large key and put it into the keyhole,then turned it to open the door. We looked through the inside.
The inside of the chruch was beautifully decorated in light blue and gold.
By pushing a button, the explanation voice flows out in English,German,French,Dutch and others, butnot in Japanese. Mr.Klaus said sorry for us.
Beautiful lakes appear one after another on both side of the road. The water is relly clean, transparent, and drinkable.
We stopped at good picknic table. We soon took up the feast and arranged them on the table. The rice ball I made last evening was good as well.
In the deepning autumn, we are surrounded by beautiful flowers like rugosa rose.
I found strange objects in the bush. I shouted out clling Mr.Klaus. They are mushrooms. He quickly started to pick them up saying they are edible and taste good.
Ken and I were still watching them carefully from the distance, however.
We have no reservation for the tonight lodge, but Mr.Klaus knows many good lodges. The road stretches as far as eye can reach.
This is one of the Mr.Klaus's familiar camp site. In front of the big lake are many cabins and camping car parking lots and common kitchens. The landscape was open and good.
We again passed a large town. The large wooden monument told us that the feature of the moose is their huge flat antler.
We booked in Hotings camping sight.
Theownwer checked the computer and found Mr.Klaus's name soon. We enjoyed an afternoon tea by taking pears and his special tea. We also enjoyed German wine Mr.Klaus has carried all through the way from Germany. We toasted for our safe arival. 
The reception building looking down from our cabin sits still in the beautiful green.
As we arrived here four in the afternoon, we had much time to walk around the site. In summer time people can enjoy boating and and swimming.

We enjoyed the camping time by walking around and preparing the dinner.

The dinner menu was cooked rice (California special brand),vegetable salad and cheese,cucumber pickles,olive, vinegar herring. Mr.Klaus cooked the mushroom he had gathered and recomended us to take, but we didn't take the mushroom after all.
There are six beds in all in the cabin. Sweden family and young people may enjoy the summer sun light pleasantly by self-cooking for several days.
 And then,
I witnessed the polar light in the midnight. I couldn't believe my eyes and quickly tried to take the pictures. But a simple digital camera was too poor to catch the faint light. I tried to print the image on my retinas. It was really impressive and exciting even I recall back from now. The shape and color was just like this.  
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Today's mileage:470 km(Total 1577Km  Picture by K.P.Nickel, Ken & Mie