Aug31,2011:From Grossenbrode(Germany) to lapland
Yesterday evening, Mr.Klaus picked us up at Hamburg airport and dropped at Haus an der See in Grossenbrode. The hotel sits still surrounded by white fence and thick green foliage.
The white hotel approach is in the green, and lovely ornaments decorate the entrance. Singing birds waked us up.
Lured by the angel statues in the garden, I walked out to the beach.
The cold morning air refreshed me. The hotel faces the Baltic Sea.
This area is very sweet old place because I had once visited here 10 years ago.
I feel cool enough but I found so many chairs for swimmwers.

The chairs are beautifully decorated with shade and bench. On a cold day like today, is there any swimmers today? I found an interesting illustration on the back of a chair.
A sandbank harbors seagulls and sea cormorants. 
The nothern cold beach like this breeds so many beautiful flowers. In the back is the Baltic Sea and many hotels are dotted along the beach promnade. Our hotel "Haus an der See" is one of them. The name literally represents its location.
Beautifully arranged breakfast table welcomed us. Bread, cheese, ham, boiled egg,yogurt,sweet tomato and tea or coffee choice.   
Mr.Klaus picked us up at the hotel. Here we go! I cleaned up the room and packed our belongings and returned tot the dining room for check out.
 My husband looks happy by shouldering his pld backpack.
We-were-ther-picture together with the hotel owners. I am pleased with the lovely hotel and I wanted to revisit here the other day. This time I stayed only one day.  
Flowers blooming around the hotel.
From upper left clockwise,rose,hydrangea,rose,thistle,begonia,rugosa rose fruit, and unknown white flower. The center is rugosa rose flower.
We first visited Mr.Klaus's home. This is the first time in ten years. He hoisted Japanese national flag in the garden. We were very moved by his consideration. We all checked throuth the rooms and our luggage not to left anything neccesary items behind us. The flag was then set down and now we are ready to go. 
He checked air pressure at the nearby maintenance station. This time journey Mr.Klaus takes stearing all thorugh the way.
Nothern Germany in the end of summer. The sea came to sight and wind power generators are everywhere.
The ferryboat port from Germany to Denmark.
Ten years ago, I visited the port but just took a look of it. Mr.Klaus said that anybody could go very easily to Denmark.
Without any anounce, the ferry cleared the harbor quietly.
Germany is getting out of sight far away. The big ferry carries many family passengers. Are they still in summer vacation? 
As I wa stold I couldn't enjoy good sausage in Scandinavia, I took a dish and shared by three. The taste was really good and I was surprized by the volume of mashed potatoes. 
Mr. Klaus frequently visits Japan. Whenever my schedule meets, I make it a rule to meet him in Japan. I met him in Kobe,Tatsuno,Fukuoka,Aso,Kumamoto,Beppu, and Kagoshima. This time journey, so many E-mailes were exchanged to prepare the itinerary. We enjoyed pleasant chatting on the boat.  
Rodlbyhavn of Denmark harbored the boat. We will head towards Copenhagen.
We passed many islands by tunnels and bridges. We made a detour south of Copenhagen and soon entered Sweden.
On our way north we stopped at Malmo to excahnge money from USD to Swedish Krone. We also purchased some food for today's lunch and dinner.
After driving for a while, We stopped at a picnic site to take late lunch. Mr.Klaus took out a food container and soon prepared tea using a gas cooker. We enjoyed just bought salmon slice marinated by herb. It was very tasty.
The time is around eight in the evening but the sky is still bright. We arrived the first cabin in Kyrkekvarn at last. The leaves color was very beautiful in early autumn.
We put out the luggage and checked the cabin. First thing I did was to put the heater on, then looked through the kitchen. I quickly prepared a simple dinner. My husband checkd the bed and made it. In this time travel,we carry our own linens.
The bed mattress is clean and the number of the coverlet was just one, but as the room is well warmed up, it is enough for comfortable sleep.
We first toasted to the safe long drive to and from here. The famous German wine was prepared by Mr.Klaus. Today's mileage was 561Km,from German,Denmark,and Sweden. I deeply appreciate Mr.Klaus for his long hour drive.
We alternately took shower and went to bed earlier for tommorow's drive. The kitchen was cleaned up by the males.
On the range,left, is a lovely round rice cooker which was prepared by Mr.Klaus. It is made in Korea and the rice came from California,USA. They will feed us all through the journey. What will awaite us tomorrow?
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 Today's mileage:561 km(Total 706Km) Picture by K.P.Nickel/Ken & Mie 
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