July 3,2009: The 35th YMF executive committee
The 35th YMF executive committee meetings have been held several times until today, but unfortunately I haven't any chance to join them. The festival is close at hand and I could finally attend the meeting today.

I could see many good old friends after a long time.

The meeting was held at Quaju Yufuin, a spa house in Yufuin valley.
Mrs. Kobayashi presented many kinds of snacks.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, the chief executive committee (front) and Mr.Sato, the promoter (back).
The music artists will gather to the valley two days before the opening. According to the draft schedule we discussed what we should do in advance.

Beautiful posters and leaflets were ready to distribute. I took back some of them to home.
It was a good pleasant time to chat with close friends by taking snacks.
This time Yufuin Music Festival, I will come to Yufuin the day before the opening performance. NEXT