September 12,2008:Closing party
It was already one month ago that the 34th YMF(Yufuin Music Festival) was over in success. I have been expecting the pleasant closing party for a long time.
We had the very day at last. We headed to Yufuin in the rain.
Lovely bamboo lanterns decorated at the entrance of the hotel.
A beautiful yellow flower vase at the entrance welcomed us.
We met many good friends here before the party started.
It was very good to see good old friends of the 34th YMF.
The party was held at the Japanese style room in the back.
The organizer made a few words in the beginning. Mr. Sato was the main staff of the YMF and is now busy for preparing the second time National Athletic Meet in Oita.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, the chief executive committee, also made a short speech.
He stressed that the 34th YMF was very good all through the term and we can expect coming 35th YFM next year.
Good health!
The dish was very good.
Saucy Sushi, sweet potato,taro,egg plant, and other vegetables enjoyed me.
The main dish this evening was Tofu pod including many kind of mushroom, chicken,chitin ball,and Tofu milk.
Mr. Sato (right) has been a good friend since we joined YMF staff.
Mrs. Misako Fuchino of Kotokoto-ya tearoom is one of my best friend in Yufuin.
Fried sweetfish with Kabosu dressing was very good.
Pleasant chatting find no end here and there.
The last dish was porridge of Tofu soup.
Mr. Takeshita of Artegio (right) joined the party in the end.
The ending word. See you again next year and create another wonderful YMF.