September 6,2006: Thank you party
Yufuin Music Festival was over two months ago. The staffs of the festival had a thank you party in Yufuin. We have been working hard for more than ten years for YMF.
Rice paddies near my house were in beautiful green in the rain.
We joined "Camellia" restaurant,a sort of hidden place in Yufuin valley.
The unusual sign welcomed us.
Good water basin in the lobby.
Today's special lunch.
Sashimi,Tempra,steamed egg custard, Shijimi clam soup, and rice.
"Camellia steak bowl."
Yufuin@valley@was@in the rain, unfortunately.
We enjoyed pleasant chatting over Yufuin Music Festival and Film Festival. See you again next summer.
I dropped at my friend's house on my way back home.

Okura,Tougan,and mini-tomato.
Blue salvia
My friend Wakako picked so many flowers for me.
I got back home with many flowers.
The local road was very crowded as deep mist might have blocked the freeway.