August 2, 2006:Kyushu Sightseeing Promotion Conference
A big festival called "Seven Evenings" will be held in central Oita from August 4 through 6.
I visited Fukuoka by highway bus from Oita. The summer clouds soared high in the blue sky after the rainy season.
Underground pass of Tenjin Fukuoka was very beautiful like the deep sea bottom.
The underground shopping area of Fukuoka always make me loss the right direction. I arrived at the destination at last after taking a long way round.
The 15th fllor of Nishi-Nippon Press building enjoyed a grand view of central Fukuoka under the heat. Few pedestrian was visible on the hot ground.
A dear old mascot of Coara and posters welcomed me at the entrance.
Mr.Kouichi Murayama,the director of Kyushuu Sightseeing Promotion Organization, wanted to see me and Mr. Tooru Ono, the president of COARA, has set up today's meeting.
Some people from Yufuin attended the meeting as well and were introduced to Mr. Murayama. From left, Mr.Takada of Cottage Warabino, Mr.Shide of Musouen, and Mr.Shouno of Yufuin Sightseeing Office.
Mr. Murayama stressed the importance of overall scope of the sightseeing on this Kyushu island, not to be promoted by individual prefectures. His story was very good and refreshed me.
New and fresh words were exchanged between Mr.Murayama and Mr.Ono who referred to the importance of using internet. Ms.Sannomiya of COARA office listened the exchange carefully.
Young members from Yufuin were very serious as well. Just two days ago, I was with them in Yufuin Music Festival. I hope we can cooperate with the people I met today in various parts of sightseeing promotion.
As a member of Sightseeing COARA, I wish I could do much more for the promotion even in a small portion in order to introduce such a beautiful scenery outside of the bus window.