January 13, 2006: New year party of NPO Sightseeing COARA
We had a new year party of NPO Sightseeing COARA at an Italian restaurant "Il Falcone" in central Oita. The tomato cans displayed at the entrance reminded me of the blessing of Italian sunlight.
Some of the participant today joined a little bit earlier and gathered around Mr. Fujino's new gadget. Personal computer, cellular phone and video camera were packed in such a small container. The new weapon was small, light, and worked very well.
The members flocked in twos and threes after the work, like Mr.Takemoto, Mr.Fujino,Mr.Fujio, and Ms.Hayashi.
I couldn't wait all the members and opened the wine bottle.
Mr. Ono, the director of the NPO appeared at last and passed out the leaflets of the symposium on "Haruka's wind", now on air from NHK and gets the top rated TV program. The symposium will be held in next month, he said.
Hungry members preferred foods than the program, however. Duck and salmon dishes were very beautiful and good.
Mr.Tanabe, Ms.Kuwano, Ms.Korenaga repeated the toast.
Spaghetti,pizza and much more.
Mr. Takemoto loves wine very much.
Pleasant chatting found no end.
It was very good to hear about many back-yard stories of Beppu Bay Conference and other symposiums.
Dishes appeared one after another. The pasta with tomato sauce was really great. Mr. Takemoto's wine service was of a professional skill.
Mr. Kadowaki joined in the end from another party opened in Beppu city.
Fresh ham and cheese were very tasty as well.
Lovely Italian dumpling was first for me.
Good friends, wonderful dishes and wine. I had a very good time today. See you again in Yufuin next month on Haruka Wind symposium.