November 14, 2005: Kyushu - Latvia Snow Club
(No.12) Literary cafe
The late Dr. Ukichiro Nakaya was a Japanese snow and ice researcher who created artificial snow crystals for the first time in the world. Mr. Kentarou Nakaya, a nephew of Ukichiro, one day introduced us of a very good tour to Latvia to join an official meeting called "The dialogue of ice and snow exhibition" to be held at National Museum of Natural History in Riga City in November.
We returned back to St.Petersburg and visited the Peter and Paul Fortress and St.Isaac's Cathedral. The Cathedral was too big to snap shot. The interior was really gorgeous.
The Eternal Fire.
The commemorative last dinner party was held at Literary Cafe. Pushkin loved this cafe and still sits at the entrance to welcome us.
The last dinner was turned to a birthday party. A beautiful bouquet and cake made an unexpected pleasant birthday party.
We enjoyed wonderful taste on the back ground of good songs and great piano performance.
We bought the CD of the artists and got their autographs on them.
In the night drizzle, we returned to the hotel by enjoying beautiful night scene.
The illuminated beautiful Hermitage Museum was one of my long cherished sight spot. I was very happy that my dream has come true.

November 15, 2005: Kyushu - Latvia Snow Club
Ending the trip
Now, our pleasant trip is closing to an end. We enjoyed the last breakfast over pleasant chatting and spend a rich time before the departure.
The appearance of the hotel was profound, but the inside was of very modern design. Next to the hotel was an interesting building with a "painted window." It was a huge cover in which a construction work was under way in a heap of rubble.
We returned back to Pulkovo-2 International airport. I was surprised a little by finding American company's advertisements here and there.
We deposited the luggage. We will pick them up in Japan.
Tax-free shops were busy in Christmas decoration setting.
We arrived at Helsinki and waited the connection flight to Narita for five hours. We took Italian lunch there. It was too big to eat all.
I got a flight to Narita. I watched Imperial wedding news on TV.
The last an in-flight meal included a lovely pack of Japanese noodle.
About nine hours flight took us to Narita airport, Japan. We said good-bye to some members. Thank you very much for your kindness during the trip.
We moved to Haneda by limousine, and to Fukuoka by another flight.
Kyushu - Latvia Snow Club. We anticipated cold weather in Riga,Helsinki, and St.Petersburg. But it was warmer everywhere unexpectedly.
Thinly snow-covered Japan Alps made me feel cold. I shouted "Japan is much colder than northern countries I visited."
We arrived at Fukuoka at last and said good-bye to the friends. We will have another plan including this time travel report. I expected it.
My lovely souvenir of St.Petersburg hotel's bear wearing the doorman logo on the chest.

It was very good to have an unexpected wonderful trip to Riga of Latvia, Helsinki, and St.Petersburg of Russia together with good friends. Thank you very much all for having a memorable exchange and good time. See you again.
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