October 17, 2005: The longest day
Summer heat was over already and cool breeze sweeps Kujuu highland in the morning.
The containers of the hay feature their pleasant paintings.
This beautiful corridor of pines is the remnant of the passage connecting Higo (Kumamoto) and Bungo (Oita) in Edo era.
Cosmos was in full bloom.
Aso mountain range was in the distance. I headed to it.
Japanese pampas grass was very good.

The road.

I took a picture by myself.
Confederate rose welcomed me at the destination, Kumamoto City.
After my work, I returned back to Oita to join a party with dear old friends.
At the dawn of the internet,some 14 years ago,there was a group that enjoyed personal computer communication through the phone line.
Personal computers and word processors were very expensive in those days. More than ten years have passed before I knew and we grew up in our own way.
The regular monthly meeting was a big pleasure for us and had a pleasant drink party and enjoyed face-to-face chatting in a small dining room densely packed by the members.COARA
Old great dishes were served tonight as well, including green pepper packed with ground meat, squid fish ball and more.
I remember that the shape of the beef hot plate was square 10 years ago, wasn't it?
The pub, "Penniless" will be closed soon after 24 years running. This was why we had a farewell party here. The proprietors made a good-bye speech. Thank you very much for your good foods and drinks. We gave cheers in the end.
This sign, "Penniless", will be removed soon.
The partial eclipse of the moon looks down us. We lingered in front of the pub for a long time.
My favorite poster.

I have had a long day today.