September 26, 2005: Thank you party for YMF
The beautiful sunset tells us that autumn has arrived at last.
We joined "Thank you party for the 31st Yufuin Music Festival" which was held at Yufu mountain villa.
The villa was remodeled this spring from an old national lodging facility. The wooden chair fascinated me in the main lobby.
Toda's party was held at a Japanese style Tatami(a sort of mat) room. Today's main dish was hot pod, which was first for me in this autumn. I realized anew that it was already cold season, indeed.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, the chairman of executive committee, made a few words in the beginning.
Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF,also made a few words by saying"Our Yufuin will become Yufu City next month acceding to the national merging policy. Next year we will have the 32nd YMF. I appealed to the present mayor to renew the toilet of the community hall. It was a small, but good news for us.
After the greetings of them, we enjoyed good taste and pleasant chatting here and there in the circle.
In the last we promised good festival next year.