July 18-21, 2005: Setagaya Museum, Tokyo
I visited Tokyo on business. In the lobby of Oita airport was some bamboo arts by Mr. Hakuunsai Shiraishi, a living national treasure in Beppu city,were displayed. The name of the art was "Rich Port", meaning Oita airport.
I arrived at Seijou Gakuen street in Shinjuku area.
This is Kinuta park.
This was my destination today, Setagaya Museum.

The special exhibition today was Gent Are Museum Arts in Belgium.
I first took a snack at the restaurant Le Jardin.
Belgium beer bottles were displayed at the entrance.
"Beef boiled with beer" was a special item I was taught from my friend in Tokyo. It was really good, tender and juicy. This was a typical Belgium dish.
The park was very good surrounded with thick green.
Belgium is famous for its waffle. The taste of orange sauce was good as well. I enjoyed it by thinking my son and his wife living in Belgium
After looking around the arts, I headed to my final destination.
National Group Of Friends opened "Family Budget and Kids' Life Research" in Olympic Center in Yoyogi.
The site was once the athlete village of Tokyo Olympic in 1964.
The room serves for four guests.
The site was in the forest like this.
July 19
I took the breakfast at the dinning room.
Lunch dish

Many people from different area and countries filled the hall.
After the lunch, I looked through toys made by Kids' Group.
"Mothers group" exhibition.
Charts and diagrams tell the actual status of family budget.
Money management is one of most important items.

I learned much about the family budget keeping.
I could meet an old friend in my grade school days.

I will bring back today's fruit to Oita.