June 22, 2005: Family budget meeting

I came up to Tosu city by car. I turned around a huge soccer game stadium.
Next to the soccer stadium was today's study meeting site, Sun Messe Tosu.
The relief on the entrance.
Speaking of Tosu, I learned in my junior high school that the place was a strategic point of railroad. Yasaka Jimpachi quickly recognized the importance of railroad and made efforts to attract the system early in Meiji Era.
Kurume Group of GOF was in charge of the preparation today. They awaited the opening from early in the morning.
The door was open at 8:40 at last. Today's working leader explained about the schedule of the day.
Soccer stadium and railroad station were close from the site.
Morning meeting.
Paper setting.
Exhibition preparation.
Guests arrived soon.
Today's program.
Flower vase.
The GOF member filled the room and learned hard about the importance of the family budget.
So much materials were on the table.
Lunch box.
The meeting was over at 3:00 p.m.