June 19, 2005: NPO Sightseeing COARA meetings
NPO Sightseeing COARA general meeting was held at COARA Office on the second floor of NetPiazza in central Oita.
Mr. Ono,the chairman of the board of directors,reported about the activities and account of 2004 fiscal year.
All the attendants listen to him carefully by referencing the distributed report.
The snacks on the table wait the end of the meeting. The work plan and budget draft of this year were discussed and approved. The general meeting was over successfully.
We moved to a restaurant nearby to have an exchange meeting.

The restaurant has an open atmosphere with good display of the dishes on the wall.
Mr. Kugimiya wears a wonderful Aloha shirt. I toasted with Mr. Ikeda with a bottle of water.
On a hot and humid day like today, cool taste of beer refreshes everybody.
Mr. Fujino makes it a rule to have three "Off-alcohol days" a week and live healthy, he appealed.
Mr. Ono didn't drink yesterday just for today's party. The beautiful lady, Ms. Kuwano, is one of my closest friends from Yufuin.
White wine and red wine we enjoyed today.

Today's gadgets of the day.
The key board was folded into three and became the size of the palm. The board was designed for cellular phone data input use.
We enjoyed pleasant chatting in the exchange party. Mr. Abe, who gave us many pleasant talks today, hoisted the final toast.
The chef and his wife.
The sky was still bright and three men wanted to go somewhere from now.
We have less rain in this time rainy season, but the silk tree flower reminded me of the rainy season anew.

I returned back home by bus. The rice paddies nearby reflected Mt. Yufu (left) and Mt. Tsurumi on the water in the sunset. I wished I could make our Oita more pleasant place through the activities of NPO Sightseeing COARA.