June 20, 2005: The last class
Today is the final day to go to school. Mr. Wyatt carries a lunchbox of rice ball with him.

In the evening, the host families were invited to attend the closing ceremony.
The program for the ceremony was on the board.
The ceremony has started.
A certificate was handed to each student from the principal.
The principal said "All of you gave us a good stimulus. We hope that you transmit to your friends in Iowa what you have seen and felt here in Oita without fail."
The principal then handed a bag containing commemorative goods like Ogiodai High School's magazine and mug cup.
Mr. Johnson, the leader of this time mission from JFK High School in Iowa,made a thank you speech, saying "Tokyo was a big city, but we could find real nature of Japan here in Oita." It was a wonderful comment.
On behalf of the students, Mr.David gave us a thank you message in Japanese.

We-were-there-picture with the teachers.
We host families joined the scene as well.
Mr. Wyatt said he got many friends this time. Each student shook hand and hugged here and there.
Good bye, good friends, see you again.
The last dinner was of Tempura of fish, pork and vegetables. As in Iowa the price of fish is expensive, Mr. Wyatt enjoyed sea fish Tempura very much.
The certificate.
After relaxed for a while, he packed his belongings in a huge suitcase. We will get up very early in the next morning, good night.