June 16, 2005: Wyatt played together with Ensemble Oita
Mr. Wyatt is a member of an exchange program between JFK high school in Iowa USA and Oginodai high school of Oita. Mr. Joel is another member of JFK High School's homestay in Oita. Tonight he joined us with his host family.
Mr. Joel looked interested in my homepage on Mr. Wyatt.
I brought a saxophone from my friend and I got some sheet music through the faxmachine. Mr. Wyatt will join a rehearsal of Ensemble Oita this evening. He soon started tuning.
After dinner we visited a rehearsal room nearby. Music lovers after work gathered in twos and threes and started the rehearsal.
Ms. Takahashi, the conductor tonight, started the performance. Mr. Wyatt introduced himself in the beginning.

An ensemble started soon, "In the mood," where Mr. Wyatt played an improv solo.
Mr. Wyatt listened to the conductor very carefully.

The second program was famous CSIKOS POST but it is not so popular in USA, Mr. Wyatt explained.
As this was the first time for me to listen to the brass band music in a close position like this, I took picture of the musical instruments.
French horn.
"New York, New York." The trombone section.
Huge tuba.
Drums were brought in. Several members built them up.
The drum set consists of many parts. They sounded after all.

Now, Japanese Enka songs started. Mr. Wyatt played very well and enjoyed the music.
Alto Sax
Conductor Takahashi sometimes gave comments on the music image, then the performance got liveliness.
The long instrument is Bari Sax.,which Mr. Wyatt plays in JFK's Band.
The performance was over before I knew. All the members cleaned up the instrument and the hall.

After the concert, a welcome party for Mr. Wyatt was held in a nearby family restaurant.
Mr. Wyatt said he could enjoy the concert very much.
Thank you very much Ms. Takahashi and Ensemble Oita members who welcomed Mr. Wyatt. He looks forward to playing with you again some day.