May 17-21, 2005: Tokyo
May 17
A poster of Marta Argerich saw off me at Oita airport. The festival is being held in Beppu city.
One of my friend was waiting at the hotel in Tokyo and we had a late lunch together. The restaurant was in a town corner with red gate temple called "Bishamon-Ten, Zenkokuji."
The Keyaki tree lined street is called "Kagura-zaka" dotted with the banners.
Some old Japanese restaurant sit quietly along the street.
We found an unusual restaurant at the deep corner of the street.Le Bretagne is a crepes shop
The policy of the shop is that real buckwheat galettes must be prepared only by a crepier, a specialist crepe chef, so crepe chefs were invited to Japan from France. We enjoyed it together with a cup of drink called Shield.
The friend moved from Oita. We had a good afternoon after a long time.
May 18
The meeting of GOF (Group Of Friends) will be held in Ikebukuro district as usual. Beautiful rose fence lined the building which is designated as an important cultural property.
After the meeting, we visited adjacent Females' Friend Publisher. The office was beautifully decorated with many exhibitions for the visitors who attend the national meeting of GOF from today.
The Publisher inherits the basic concept of the GOF founders Mr. and Mrs. Hani. A calligraphy by Yoshikazu Hani was on the wall of the office.
In the exhibition hall were so many works such as homemade cookies, cloths, cooking books, and others. They attracted so many visitors of GOF from all around the country.
The courtyard was so quiet that one can't believe it was in the midst of metropolitan Tokyo.
May 19
This is Jiyuu Gakuen in Minamizawa area in which 2005 National GOF meeting is to be held from today.
The campus was founded by Motoko Hani and Yoshikazu Hani in 1921 and moved to here Minamizawa in 1934. The tall trees planted by them offer cool shades to the visitors.
Before the meeting, I could visit Mr. Hani Memorial in which the Hanis had once lived.
The meeting was held in the memorial hall of the campus. The lunch was prepared by the college female students.
After the lunch, we had another meeting how to spend the coming summer vacation at female gymnastics. The spacious lawn in front of the gym was very good.
May 20
The meeting was over successfully at last.
May 21
A central committee meeting was held today in Tokyo GOF office.
A wedding ceremony was held at Tomorrow Hall next to our meeting site.
The rose may bless the new start of couple.
After four days meeting, I returned to Oita safely.
I found next morning that my house was completely covered with net for renewal work.