May 7, 2005:Seiwa observatory
We will stay at a cottage annexed to Seiwa observatory which was recommended at Seiwa Bunraku Village.
A lovely road sign guided us to the observatory.
The observatory stands on a plateau at the altitude of 700 meters.
Seiwa observatory: PO861-3832
1238-14 Imuta Yamato town Kamimashiki-gun Kumamoto prefecture
@@@@Phone 0967-82-3310
As the weather forecast said, we had a beautiful clear day with cool breeze. We can expect a celestial show tonight.

The shape of the cottage was very interesting like this having an image of observatory station.
The inside of the cottage was good. On the first floor were a kitchen, living space, bath and toilet. On the second floor were three beds. A family can enjoy a short stay here. The view from the terrace was great.
We took a dinner at a restaurant called "Constellation Forest."
The timbering of the ceiling was unusual. There are many interesting wooden structure in Kumamoto prefecture.
Highland vegetable salad, rocket, red spinach, good flavored dressing,and special red wine were very good.
Barbecue was good as well.

We climbed up the observation deck after the dinner.
"Seven stars in the north", or "The Great Bear", Polaris, and the ring of Saturn were the main players of this show.
The down was breaking at 5:30 next morning. The observatory still sleeps in the silhouette

We wanted to see Bunraku show today, but we had another plan today in Oita, we drove back through the morning mist.