April 13-14, 2005:Welcome Peter and Kaeko from Germany
April 14, 2005: Sasaguri town
We took Japanese dish breakfast based on Mr. Klaus's option.
Sunken Kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer) table is good to sit and relax. The restaurant features its special tofu foods.
"Where shall we go today?" Ms. Kaeko has already arranged the tour courses quickly. She is very good at in doing so as she visits Japan many times as a conductor of sightseeing groups in Germany.
Mr. Klaus showed pictures taken by his digital camera on a TV in the hotel room. It was very good to see the pictures instantly.
Check out.
The "Japan Rail Pass" is very good for going around by train. I bought a ticket to Sasaguri and we got on a train to the destination.
A one-man car looked new to Mr. Klaus. He was interested in the pointing and shouting safety system of the conductor and took many pictures.
We got off at Jouto station and headed to Nanzouin temple. The station building design was like a temple as well.
Just three minutes walk took us to the gate of the temple. This is the starting point of Sasaguri pilgrimage. The temple is the head temple of a Buddhist sect of this area.
Cherry blossoms here were already turned to leaves but fresh greens over the slope were very good.
We arrived at a terrace at last. This is the world largest Shakamuni reclining image with the size of 41 meters in length, 11 meters in height, and 300 tons of weight of bronze. The length is almost the same of the height of Statue of Liberty in New York (46 meters.)
The sole of the image was decorated beautifully by many patterns. In early Buddhism, people were afraid of making an image and carved the sole fingerprint on the stone, they say. The pattern represents the teaching and mercy of Buddha. (Click)
The fall in the garden, late cherry blossoms, and fresh maple green make good contrast under the blue sky.
We took a lunch in a restaurant. This is a lovely tea cup.
After the lunch we climbed up to visit the last pilgrim point. The bamboo bush was new to Mr. Klaus.
Beautiful flowers on the slope.
After a good hiking, we returned to the railroad station and got off at Sasaguri.
We then visited Fudaraku temple, the 79th pilgrim point.
Just beside the temple was the 51st spot. Many pilgrims came out of a bus.
Azalea and peony bloomed beautifully.
We visited many temples today. Mr. Klaus and Ms. Kaeko will be able to enjoy good trip in Japan after today as well.

We took Fukuhoku Yutaka line back to Hakata.
It was a refreshing and clear good day today. We took a short rest in the concourse shop. Harumaki snack was very good.
Mr. Klaus and Ms. Kaeko left to Osaka by Shinkansen train. See you again, aufwiedersehen, in Germany next time.