April 12-13,2005: Late cherry blossoms
After a regular meeting of GOF (group Of Friends) in Oita branch, I took a bus to Kumamoto. I was thinking that the cherry blossoms this year have been over already, but I found many beautiful cherry blossoms in Aso valley on my way to Kumamoto. I was very lucky.
A snap shot of the blossoms was out of focus but it was really good. I wished if I were get out of the bus and look at it.
April 13

A beautiful morning in Kumamoto. I walked around the hotel before I headed to the meeting site.

The statue "Otemoyan" dances on a local folk song.
The manhole cover design was of Higo camellia.
Kumamoto castle came into my sight.
Cherry blossoms were in full bloom here.Click the picture to enlarge.
What is the species of this white cherry blossom?
Kiyomasa Kato, the local feudal lord in this area, sit quietly in armor.
The promenade encircles the castle. (Click)
Benches were here and there on the promenade.
The moat, stone wall, willow, cherry, and camphor leaves make a very beautiful scene.
As I haven't walked slowly in central Kumamoto, I was lucky this time to have a chance to enjoy the town.
I attended a regular meeting held in GOF house in Kumamoto. I was served with a tasty lunch carefully prepared by the members. The spring special dish was cooked with red sake of Kumamoto and it was very good.
Kumamoto Branch's schedule was on the wall.
I was inspired by the fresh shoot of barley in the vase.