April 1, 2005: COARA night
mon Sight seeing COARA sponsored a study class under the theme of "The New Trend of Internet, from local net to Brog and RSS." @ Regular exchange party will be held after the exchange!I was lured by the catch phrase and attended the meeting to get some hints on making my homepage. I have long been wondering for a long time which direction my homepage should go.
Today is April 1, a new fiscal year started in Japan. In COARA office, the freshmen appeared, and that as many as two!

Mr. Tanabe, right, and Mr. Ikeda. Nice to meet you.
The site tonight was Net Piazza in Takemachi shopping arcade. The attendants introduced themselves sitting around the round table. Mr. Inoue was busy in taking the pictures.
Mr. Kadowaki "graduated" COARA yesterday. Thank you very much for a long time and I hope you try best to keep spirits up from now on. I hope to read your wonderful reports as ever.
Opinion exchange meeting started. Mr. Ono, the president of NPO Sightseeing COARA, introduced a new trend of Internet and where COARA would go.He also stressed what COARA was thinking this time by using slide show. "We want to enjoy elegant life in Oita based on the sightseeing industry. What we can do by using the net? I hope I can join the movement.
Ms. Hirano reported on the opening ceremony of Tourism Oita newly set in the concourse of Beppu railroad station today. Mr. Fujino, left, reported that he shifted his home page to Blog to cope with the requirement of RSS related universal design. I must study hard as well to keep my homepage up with the trend.
I got much valuable information and tasks in the meeting.
We cleaned up the meeting table and headed to the exchange party.
The party was held at nearby Yard Yard
Cafe. Mr. Shimizu, who regularly joins from remote Kobe City, gave a
So many good dishes filled with much vegetable were here and there. I was so busy in chatting and I could take just two pictures of the dish.
Ms. Hayashi has finished a big work today. She still continue to take picture of the good dishes.

A pleasant COARA night lasted long in this way.