February 26, 2005: Going home
We will leave DC for New York today. We greatly appreciate the kindness of Mr.Tsukamoto. My husband washes cloths in the basement.
Then we three walked out. I found a bus running along the street saying it runs on clean natural gas.
Just a few minutes walk took us to Kennedy Center. There was almost no visitors in the early morning. This is The Hall of Nations.
This is The Ground Foyer. President Kennedy sit quietly in the hall. Massive crystal chandeliers hang down from the tall ceiling. The each weight of 18 chandeliers is about one ton. (Click)
"Time magazine history" was on display. The 40's cover pages of the magazine were very impressive.
You can hear the live voice of Kennedy. "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you ? ask what you can do for your country." (Refer to: Youzan Uesugi (1751-1822), a Japanese lord in Yonezawa domain. His word reads "A lord exists for people, people do not exist for a lord."
The River Terrace. The wind was still cold but I could feel the arrival of spring through the swell of buds.
I bought a handbag at the gift shop. On my back is Water Gate Complex.
Well, the cloths were dried up now. Pack the suitcase for departure. Thank you this good room.
We took a long distance bus departing from China town in DC.
This is the bus "terminal." Mr. Tsukaomoto got the tickets through the internet.
The bus goes on in the snowy landscape. Many passengers kill the long time by chatting on cellular phones. I could hear English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese. The bus driver kept chatting for four and a half hours until the bus arrived at China town NYC. (Click)
Branch to Jersey City.
Back side of the Statue of Liberty. (Click)
And the skyscraper of Manhattan came into my sight.
Holland tunnel to the island.
It took four and a half hours from Washington DC to NYC with no rest. Brooklyn Bridge approach was visible ahead.
Thank you Mr.Tsukamoto for a long time, we greatly appreciated his kindness.

I returned back to Marriot La Guardia in the sunset.
I took baked onion soup after a long time. It was good.
Good-bye La Guardia with a good memory of sweet bagel.
O'Hare airport was just a transit spot. It was very pity that I couldn't relax at my dear town Chicago.

We were first scheduled to fly to KIX directly from here. What was surprising, our flight was again cancelled just after we left La Guardia. We were rerouted immediately and could catch a flight to Narita, we were happy. Many passengers were forced to stay a night in Chicago.
It took 12.5 hours from O'Hare to Narita, a long long daytime passed very slowly.
I walked around the cabin to prevent "economy class syndrome." The weather was very fine and I could spot Mt. McKinley (6193m), the highest peak on North American continent. (Click)
A cabin attendant said that we could see rare wonderful Alaskan mountain range today.

Going and returning were out of schedule this time, but I could enjoy a good trip. The lost suitcase was delivered to home three days after without any damage.

I wish I could go again.
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