February 23, 2005: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Before driving out with my nephew7s family, I visited Pentagon City Mall by subway.

The exit of the subway is directly connected to the entrance of the Mall. Outside of the Mall is a business center.
The whole ceiling is covered with glass and the center part is built in wellhole style. In the lunch time, many business persons flock to take lunch here.(Click)
This is the women's rest room. It was so spacious and good just like a lobby of a hotel.
One of my target this time trip to US was to get good towels. I bought many of them here.(Click)
In the afternoon, my nephew came to the apartment. After picking up his kid at the elementary school, we all visited Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles air port.
Many planes are displayed in a huge building.
From propeller plane to space probe are here and there. Enola Gay (B29) was displayed as well. It had once called up heated dispute between US and Japan.
We had so many things to see but the close time was at hand.

We took dinner at a Japanese restaurant that boasts of good sushi and Udon. We soon checked the picture on the PC screen.
The restaurant was a real sushi bar provided with large scale sushi counter. Two Itamae(Sushi chef) prepared good Sushi for us. They have been working in the US more than 16 years, they said.
We enjoyed much Japanese foods like Sushi, Udon, California Roll, and Tempura, and Sushi set.
The outside of the restaurant was ordinary American style, but the inside was real Japan decorated with Japanese paintings and Shouji screen. Most guests were American and they enjoy Japanese food as well.
Lovely Japanese flowers are painted on the chopstick rest.

Thank you my nephew families for two days.
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