February 21, 2005: To Washington DC
As TV forecasted, it snows quietly all through the night. I got up and watched outside frequently during the night. The snow flake was dancing horizontally sometimes upward in the barrow space surrounded by tall buildings..
I went out of the hotel early in the morning. Time was around six. Taxies were already crisscrossing the street. Some workers were scraping the snow on the sidewalk.
Such a scenery was new to me and I walked around the hotel by taking pictures.(Click)
At seven in the morning, a restaurant in the hotel was opened at last. I took waffle and my husband took hot cake. The taste was poor and the price was crazy, nearly $40! It was as high as skyscrapers.
We quickly checked out the terrible hotel.

To be classic is not always worthy respectable. The toilet and room were dirty and the air-conditioning was out of order. We were forced to wear sweaters and socks in the bed.
I wanted to see Central Park again in the snow. It snowed a little. The "Gate" was still hard to understand for me but the park in the winter was good. The pond was completely frozen.(Click)
I still have many things to see in NYC, but it was time to get on a bus to DC. Monroe bus will take us to Washington DC together with Mr. Tsukamoto. It will take four hours by just $35 round trip fare.

Route map.
A break at a service area. I bought such take out pizza box and coffee.
The bus arrived at a corner of Washington DC near Union station. We took a subway and headed to Mr. Tsukomoto's apartment.

After arriving the apartment, we cleaned the room up, bought food, and cooked. We at last enjoyed simple dinner over pleasant chatting.

February 22, 2005: Met my nephew
I met my nephew family living outside of DC. They live in Virginia. I will be picked up by him at noon. Before that, I shopped small items in the supermarket nearby.
Violet magnolia has started to bloom already. The air around it was warmed up by the waste heat coming up from the duct under.
This is the apartment we stay in.
We then got on my nephew's car and headed to his apartment. On the way there, we stopped at the view point of Potomac river.(Click)
After we arrived the apartment, we all drove out for lunch. The restaurant was of famous Thai food.
The dish was good with the smell of herb.
The name of the restaurant was Tara.
We got foods at nearby shopping center. So many kinds of cheese was very good.
On the way back to the apartment, we dropped in an elementally school to pick up my nephew's son in the fifth grade. The school was over and many lovely kids came out of the class rooms. I was guided to a class room and said hello to the teachers. The school was quite different from Japanese one and was very interesting for me.
The dusk came soon. Good landscape from the apartment terrace.
My nephew cooked dinner and wonderful Gyouza was ready at last. We will drive around tomorrow after the school. Thank you all of the nephew families.
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