February 19: Oita - Fukuoka - Osaka(KIX) - San Francisco - New York(La Guardia)
We live very busy every day, but we could squeeze out short days after all. We were very glad to make a short trip to US after a long time.

We will take off from Fukuoka. This was why we took Hakata Chinese noodle set as a supper.
We arrived at Osaka-KIX airport and an accident happened. Our flight was suddenly cancelled. The staff of UA desperately tried to reroute the flight for us.
We dashed to the plain just before the door was closed.
Just after the plane started to move, we found we were guided to business seats. We share a champagne toast. Not only food but also table ware was good.
We relaxed in the spacious seats and enjoyed TV and coffee. The early dusk wrapped us.
We arrived SFO after nine and a half hours flight. We changed the flight to New York.
We were served meals many times during the long flight of five and a half hours.
The land is covered with snow.
We arrived at JFK. We took a taxi to La Guardia to jump in a hotel we reserved in advance. We were relieved at last.
Thank you very much, anyway.
The sport bar in Marriot hotel was filled with loud noise of TV airing a basket ball.
On the wall were many commemorative pictures and uniforms of Yankee team.
La Guardia airport is on the other side of an expressway. We have had a long day today.