December 31, 2004: Snow!
I was surprised when I awoke in the morning. I found myself in the white.
The first snow fall was everywhere around me, the garden terrace table set and pansy flower pod.
The lovely red nuts of the holly tree peep the white world under the snow cap.
The fence looked like heavy with snow cap. The snow was wet and heavy as sherbet.
As am extremely sensitive to the cold, I wore such heavy cloth with a camera in hand.
The snow was melting down quickly in the warm air. I made two lovely snowmen in haste. They were "Winter Sonata" style having two hands each.Click the picture to enlarge.
This year, I have had a good time after I started to watch a famous Korean TV drama above mentioned. I got many friends through it.
Thank you all and hope to have another good year together with you next year. Have a good new year!