December 30, 2004: Winter Concert
The 30th YMF(Yufuin Music Festival) will end up with the final event of "Winter Concert."

The site is Artegio Museum in Yufuin valley. A beautiful signboard was set at the entrance. (Click to enlarge)
Yufuin valley is much more colder than Oita. Today is the 30 of December. It has already turned dark at six in the evening. A beautiful bamboo lantern illuminates the area.
A wonderful New Year ornament of flower arrangement was set on the entrance of the museum.
A Shinto straw festoon welcomes the guests.
The site was already set up beautifully by the young staff of YMF.

This is the very harpsichord to be used this evening. On the second floor is another harpsichord for general use. (Click the picture to enlarge)
The instrument tuner Mr. Hajime Nakamura from Karatsu set the final touch of the harpsichord. In front of the key is his name who made this.
Harpsichord made by Souichi Nakamura, French model (1990)
The hall is usually used as a museum, but all the ornaments were removed today for the concert.
My husband picked up Mr. K\Michio Kobayashi, today's artist. I am going to welcome the guests soon to come.

GoldBerk variation by J.S.Bach, BWV.988(1685-1750)
(Click the picture to enlarge)
Mr. Nakamura always pay his full attention to the instrument even in the intermittent.
So many guests joined the last event of the 30th anniversary of YMF.
After the concert was over, the staff quickly restore the hall to the original museum.
The instrument was quickly folded up.
The hall was finally turned to the original art museum.
Many wonderful displays are on the wall.
After the concert, we sent Mr. and Mr. Kobayashi to their home. Well, all the event of this year were over. We hope to see you again here in Yufuin, thank you.