December 24, 2004: My Christmas Eve

I will visit Tenjin in Fukuoka city by highway bus.
It is said that we have warmer winter this year, but I saw Mt. Yufu was covered with snow on the top for the first time in this season.
The scenery has turned to winter completely.
The ginkgo trees of Tenjin street were dead as well.
I attended today the second conference of "Kyushu Brand Promotion Research." I got so many papers.
Many beautiful Christmas trees were everywhere. The temperature today was cold enough to call it winter.

A decoration on Chikushi entrance of Hakata railroad station.
Hakata gate decoration. It will be good in the night.
A large Kadomatsu ornament like this is ready to welcome a new year.
When I got on a return bus to Oita, the street has suddenly turned bright. The illuminations were lit at the same time. Christmas Eve has started now.
"Kyushu Brand Promotion Research." The 1st meeting record